R&D ability

R & D team


It has more than 160 engineering and technical personnel

More than 90% of the engineering and technical personnel have more than 5 years of experience in casting, precision machining technology and quality management.

In 2010, the company was listed as Chengdu Technology Center.
In 2015, the foundry was listed as the provincial technology center of Sichuan Province.

New product development process

Zhengheng Power specializes in customized engine cylinder blocks and all kinds of small castings, from drawings to sample products, the first sample can be delivered in 55 days.


Overall planning of customer needs, feasibility investigation and analysis

Project team set up, cost planning  Process design, tooling and mold design


Trial processing and full feature inspection of prototype manufacturing

Customer installation verification, PFMEA

Control plan (CP), production line construction


Trial production, trial production processing, production capacity verification

Preparation of technical documents for mass production and submission of PPAP


Batch production reduces deterioration and meet customer satisfaction

Delivery and service

New Product Development Center

Zhengheng has set up a special new product development center and has developed more than 300 products for customers at home and abroad. We have a strong database of engine block casting and processing, rich experience in product design and development, and provide customers with one-stop solutions, which are deeply trusted by customers.
The trial production center is equipped with Makino series high-precision machining center, honing machine and other equipment, as well as precision testing equipment such as roundness meter, CMM, roughness meter and particle counter of international top brands. It is fully equipped to quickly respond to the needs of customers.


Casting R & D capability

Leadtime of rapid prototyping sample development: 25 days

We can rapidly react to customers’ request and deliver samples efficiently with advanced three-dimensional design technique like PRO/E, UG,  CAE, PROCAST solidification flow analysis, 3D printing and professional new parts trial production line.

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Initial process plan

detail (5)

3D scheme

detail (1)

Mold flow analysis

detail (6)

Mold filling

detail (2)

Process revision

detail (4)

3D scan

R&D equipment

Zhengheng has introduced the technology and equipment of cylinder hole plasma spraying.

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3D printing center

Flexible design, cost saving, reduce manufacturing difficulty
Shorten product development cycles

Low pressure casting unit

500kg low pressure casting to meet the aluminum product blank sample, small batch demand

Intelligent manufacturing center

Real-time monitoring and digital management of production line
High efficiency, high precision and intelligence



Rapid development of new products, can be completed in 75 days (received user product data) to complete the cylinder block blank assembly sample development! Win valuable development cycle for you!