About Us

We are a company driven by customer demand, providing customized products and services for every customer.
We specialize in the R & D and production of automobile engine block and various cast iron and cast aluminum parts, and provide one-stop services of design, mold, casting and machining.
It has four factories. After years of development, Zhengheng has become a well-known domestic production base of engine cylinder block, cylinder head, bearing cover, oil pump body, gearbox housing and cast aluminum parts.

Management System


In 2004,

 Implement Toyota TPS management system


 In 2006, passed the GM-QSB audit 


In 2015passed the EHS audit of GE


In 2016, implementation of Changan QCA management system

Excellent R&D Team

Zhengheng specializes in customizing engine blocks and various small castings.
From drawings to finished samples, the first batch of samples can be delivered within 55 days.

Zhengheng has advanced product technology R & D capabilities, injects all intellectual property rights into product R & D and upgrading, and cooperates with Sichuan University, Kunming University of technology and other domestic well-known universities to carry out casting research, thermal spraying research, intelligent manufacturing research, etc., to help Zhengheng develop continuously.

As a supplier of supporting products in the industry, Zhengheng has a long-term and stable competitive advantage, and has become an excellent supplier for Toyota, general motors, Hyundai, SAIC, great wall, Chang'an, Geely and other major automobile manufacturing enterprises.


Production Capacity


Die casting production workshop

•16 sets die casting equipment range from 200 to 3500 tons;
• Self-owned raw material supply to guarantee products quality from the source


Foundry workshop

• 40,000 tons/year, including cylinder blocks and small castings
• 7 casting production lines
 Gray iron castings, ductile iron castings and vermicular cast iron castings
 Thermally reclaimed sand treating system realize the sand recycling


Machining workshop

• 16 mass production lines, 2 development center